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Buddi Spray

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Home-growers Naturally Organic Pest Control Spray.


Buddi Sprays are made up of age-old solutions to combat plant pests. Essential aromatherapy oils are a complex mixture of volatile compounds extracted from aromatic plants, composed of terpenes biogenerated by the isoprenoid pathways. These oils' chemical compounds assist the plants' biotic and abiotic defences, offerings biological activities which are antioxidant, anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti inflammatory. The oils' compounds are synthesised by the plants with no harmful effects to them, even in the case of the Cannabis Sativa plant, which is a soft-stemmed plant. Our dilution of 96% ensures no damage to the plant is done. (Please always ensure correct application instructions are followed).

Essential aromatherapy oils ward off and kill soft-bodies pests upon contact. Some bugs such as lady bugs and praying mantis are beneficial to plants and soil microbiomes, promoting soil and plant health therefore assisting in the production of healthy and abundant crops, so be sure not to remove those from your garden. Buddi Sprays are not harmful to lady bugs, praying mantis, bees or earthworms as they are naturally organic derived from nature's pest solutions.

It is important to note that the strong scent of the essential aromatherapy oils can affect the flower/bud aroma profile. It is always encouraged to keep a regular eye on your plants to spot pests at the early onset and resolve their multiplication before the plant flowering cycle begins; i.e. during the plant vegetation cycle.

Always ensure proper cultivation and environmental controls are considered, through ideal humidity levels, plenty of fresh airflow, following ideal temperature guidelines, controlled watering practises, good and healthy soil controls and a strict sterile environment. Remember to treat your room and tools between grows to ensure no pests carry into future grows.

Buddi Spray is a preventative and control measure, which functions optimally at the application of early onset of unwanted pests and fungal infestations.

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Buddi Spray, your natrurally organic pest control buddi.


Happy Growing.

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