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CannServ Consulting

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Come and plant the concrete jungle green with us!


Welcome to CannServ Consulting. We are an all-embodied green consulting service specialising in compliance and project management for commercial and semi-commercial cannabis facilities in Southern Africa.

However, the story does not end here. The fight for climate change is ever evolving and people are catching on to this movement in increasing numbers. We’ve done our best to embody this mentality in every facet of the services and systems we implement and vow to do our part towards achieving a carbon neutral society.

Without the diverse range of plant life across the planet, we simply would not be here. Plants remove harmful carbon dioxide, a major cause of global warming, from the air. Contributing to the very air we breathe, some plant species are better at removing carbon dioxide while others are better at creating more oxygen.

Humanity hasn’t done a great job of preserving our wild green spaces and oceans and in so doing has been destroying the very biodiversity we need to exist. We would like to try undo some of this damage in a way that beautifies a once dull space and is good for you as well as the environment.


Introducing the Living Green Wall or Vertical Garden. Green walls are a stylish addition to any home, office, venue or building. Not only do they look great, they are fully customizable and can be designed to suit any space. They dampen sound and indoor installations, can reduce the need for air conditioning by up to 33% in the summer and are excellent insulators in the winter. With a vast array plant life to choose from, get ready to create some atmosphere in your environment, literally!

Last but definitely not least, for all you recreational smokers and growers out there. We have something new and exciting for you. Do you have some open space in your home? We’ll bet you’ve looked at it and thought, that would be a great spot to cultivate some quality herb. Proper systems can be pricey and you may still end up with a sub-standard result. Become a member, select a bundle that suits your needs to and let us provide you with the equipment, expertise and trusted genetics to grow your very own premium bud at home, consistently.


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11 Jun 2024

Ok, so this has to be a scam, my money has been taken, tried to complain and its been 2 months and nothing, my order says hold and I did do a direct transfer as indicated .... I am sure this is a SCAM!!!!!!!

05 Jun 2024

Cool shop!

05 Jun 2024

Underestimated them

04 Jun 2024

Lovely skincare products that not only hydrate my skin but feed it and treat it for any sort of inflammation and breakout. The gummies are awesome for those sleepless nights and my top favorite is the Rescue Balm as I always struggle with tension in my neck and back.

Speedy delivery and always friendly service.

28 May 2024

The have great quality products, can definitely recommend.

27 May 2024

Hallo i would like to purchase OG cheese strain because here in Gauteng we are struggling.

21 May 2024

Still waiting on my order!

19 May 2024

Used Nano Freeze and the pain assist after a rough week at the gym... Amazing results... Even assisted with my sleep... 10/10 product... VALUE FOR MONEY!!!

16 May 2024

Fast, professional, friendly service. Excellent product packaging and top quality product - my new go to supplier!

14 May 2024

Top notch service with amazing pricing definitely highly recommend

08 May 2024

Always late to open frustrating to plan and then arrive to an unopened store and no way to contact anyone since number goes to voicemail

08 May 2024

The guy behind the counter is never on time always opens later than stated on website and store. Very unproffesional in my opinion to make customers wait without letting anyone know

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