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Non-Toxic Nanotechnology Liposomes and Natural Oil


Organic Liposomes:

  • Has stabilised to 50nm or less in size, that act as a delivery system to penetrate the cells of all living organisms at nano cell level
  • Liposomes are fatty cells which have been utilised and stabilised through using specific natural formulation technology, allowing the organic liposome to accept, retain and carry certain nutrients.
  • These liposomes then carry the desired nutrients, which the liposome now has retained inside its cell, straight to the nano-cells of the living organism for optimal absorption to take place.
  • The time frame in which delivery takes place from the initial application and intake of the liposomal formulation to the absorption at the nano-cell level is enhanced drastically within seconds
  • The liposomes penetrate the cell membranes(proteins) whereby the required nutrients then get delivered and perform their desired purpose using optimal absorption capabilities within the cells.

What does this mean for Agriculture?

  • Increased yield production/ less farmland.
  • Increased pathogen (red spider, mites, fungal gnats)
  • Increased Root growth.
  • Anti- Nematodes.
  • Inoculant to protect seedlings.
  • Improved heat and drought tolerance.
  • Fungicide control.
  • Increased financial turnover.
  • Natural chemical/toxin free agriculture.
  • Healthy chemical/ toxin free soil.
  • Healthy chemical/ toxin free crops.
  • Improved nutrients.
  • Extended shelf life of crops.


  • An innovative technology developed for increases in agricultural yields
  • Using nanometric transport increases penetration rate of nutrients into plants, from 1% to approximately 33%.
  • Has optimal cell absorption capabilities.
  • After being applied foliarly the non-toxic organic liposomes penetrate the leaves, roots and it's entire body
  • Spray less than 2 meters away
  • Overcomes acute nutrient deficiency

Organic Liposomal Nutrients:

  • Inoculant
  • Nematodal
  • Root Growth
  • Leaf and Stem Health
  • Extreme Conditions
  • Fungicide
  • Surfactant Liposomal
  • B10 Phos
  • Liquid Composto

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11 Jun 2024

Ok, so this has to be a scam, my money has been taken, tried to complain and its been 2 months and nothing, my order says hold and I did do a direct transfer as indicated .... I am sure this is a SCAM!!!!!!!

05 Jun 2024

Cool shop!

05 Jun 2024

Underestimated them

04 Jun 2024

Lovely skincare products that not only hydrate my skin but feed it and treat it for any sort of inflammation and breakout. The gummies are awesome for those sleepless nights and my top favorite is the Rescue Balm as I always struggle with tension in my neck and back.

Speedy delivery and always friendly service.

28 May 2024

The have great quality products, can definitely recommend.

27 May 2024

Hallo i would like to purchase OG cheese strain because here in Gauteng we are struggling.

21 May 2024

Still waiting on my order!

19 May 2024

Used Nano Freeze and the pain assist after a rough week at the gym... Amazing results... Even assisted with my sleep... 10/10 product... VALUE FOR MONEY!!!

16 May 2024

Fast, professional, friendly service. Excellent product packaging and top quality product - my new go to supplier!

14 May 2024

Top notch service with amazing pricing definitely highly recommend

08 May 2024

Always late to open frustrating to plan and then arrive to an unopened store and no way to contact anyone since number goes to voicemail

08 May 2024

The guy behind the counter is never on time always opens later than stated on website and store. Very unproffesional in my opinion to make customers wait without letting anyone know

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