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Indico Group (Pty) Ltd.

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Only Excellence


Indico Group was founded by three passionate cannabis cultivators. We aspire to learn with each and every plant we cultivate, with the aim of growing each seedling to reach its most potent potential. We have learned from each experience we had growing marijuana, making note of what works best and what doesn’t. This goes without saying we also had our ups and downs throughout our journey, but the secret is in one’s resilience. You’ll see that with the “right equipment” (both literally and figuratively), you’ll quickly realize that growing marijuana can easily become one’s life’s work.

We learned from a large variety of sources throughout our experience as cultivators. Though we were blessed with large quantities of information, we quickly found that there was no absolute, centralized source with which we could learn. If this were the case, if we had reached a source of information more centralized and objectively ordered for us to learn from, we would’ve enjoyed the grow more, rather than enduring endless consecutive hours of searching for these sources.

This realization led us to empathize with those from who we had learned how to grow a beautiful crop, as well as with those who are yet to start their journey in cannabis cultivation. Therefore we saw an opportunity to reach out to others who are yet to become growers, and we unanimously agreed that we have both the resources and the capacity to create this source from which people can learn and interact with a community. Therefore we’re eager not only to teach and inspire you to become the best cultivator you can be, but we also hope to learn from our passionate visitors by means of communal interaction and cooperation

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11 Jun 2024

Ok, so this has to be a scam, my money has been taken, tried to complain and its been 2 months and nothing, my order says hold and I did do a direct transfer as indicated .... I am sure this is a SCAM!!!!!!!

05 Jun 2024

Cool shop!

05 Jun 2024

Underestimated them

04 Jun 2024

Lovely skincare products that not only hydrate my skin but feed it and treat it for any sort of inflammation and breakout. The gummies are awesome for those sleepless nights and my top favorite is the Rescue Balm as I always struggle with tension in my neck and back.

Speedy delivery and always friendly service.

28 May 2024

The have great quality products, can definitely recommend.

27 May 2024

Hallo i would like to purchase OG cheese strain because here in Gauteng we are struggling.

21 May 2024

Still waiting on my order!

19 May 2024

Used Nano Freeze and the pain assist after a rough week at the gym... Amazing results... Even assisted with my sleep... 10/10 product... VALUE FOR MONEY!!!

16 May 2024

Fast, professional, friendly service. Excellent product packaging and top quality product - my new go to supplier!

14 May 2024

Top notch service with amazing pricing definitely highly recommend

08 May 2024

Always late to open frustrating to plan and then arrive to an unopened store and no way to contact anyone since number goes to voicemail

08 May 2024

The guy behind the counter is never on time always opens later than stated on website and store. Very unproffesional in my opinion to make customers wait without letting anyone know

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